• Air Pump and Vacuum DC Motor - 4.5V and 1.8 LPM ZR320-02PM

Hi guys!!
Just looking at the • Air Pump and Vacuum DC

  • 4.5V and 1.8 LPM

I was wondering if there was a battery power supply and a switch you could recommend if possible to just have it ran as easy as that.
It’s to blow smoke out of a model volcano so didn’t want to have to go to fancy if I didn’t have to running with the keep it simple theory.
I just wanted to kind of grab everything at once from you guys if possible.
Thanks in advance

Hi Jacob,

Just looking through the description of that air / vacuum pump I noticed it’s not designed for continuous operation. It’s typically used to turn on and run flat out for a while, then shutdown to cool off. Since you don’t need to pumping with high pressure to blow smoke out of your model volcano you might be better off with a simple fan instead.

I think if you get a fan like this:

And a battery holder with a switch:

And connect it using some pigtail alligator clips:

Then you should be able to just use the switch on the battery holder to turn the fan on and off, and you’ll have a quieter (but not totally silent) fan. The air/vacuum pump is more suited to something like inflating a balloon.

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