Air temperature probes and Arduino

We will measure air temperature within and around a vertical green wall containing different plants species. Air temperature will be measured continually at 2 meter intervals using probes/sensors. These probes will be exposed to sun and rain (we can put the circuit in plastic box).

However, I am not sure what supporting wires, platform is required to operate the probes.
Can you pls advise which probes and supporting Arduino will be most effectively serve my purposes?
Also let me know for 12 air temperature sensors, how many Arduino platform I need for data download etc.

From your website, I came to know some air temperature probes such as :
• Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor
• DHT22 Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor Module
• Temperature Sensor - TMP36
• High Temp Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor + extras

but not sure which one can be the best.

Hi Tanveer, I would recommend the Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor for a project like that! They are waterproof and digital so the data can travel along a long wire.

An Arduino Uno could handle this and has more than enough Digital inputs. I recommend you check out the SparkFun Inventors Kit to learn a little about Arduino and how to wire up this very temperature sensor. If you work through the temperature projects in the kit you will learn all the skills you need to make your idea a reality! Its got the same capability of the Arduino Uno when you are ready to tackle your full project!

Here is a Tutorial about using sensors like this one:

Be sure to share your finished project in the project section of the forum!

Hi Stephen,
Thanks a lot for your update.

I wonder to get about 12 such air temperature probes. Can you pls clarify me on:

  1. How many Arduino Uno device I need to connect these 12 probes and to get data? Like can I connect all 12 in one Arduino Uno? But cable length is an issue here.
  2. As long the cable is only 90cm long, is there any option to extend it?
  3. Do I need to buy anything else (than 12 probes, 1 Arduino Uno and 1 SparkFun Inventors Kit for Arduino) for this purpose?
  4. Moreover, I am also interested to measure soil moisture in the plant root zone of same living wall. Do you have any suggestion for probe and Arduino? I see Soil Moisture Sensor (Arduino Compatible) Immersion Gold is the option. Pls suggest for a set of 12 soil moisture probes, what I need to get from you.

I highly appreciate your support and look forward to know little more.

Many thanks,

Hi Tanveer,

Generally speaking, Dallas 1-Wire can work up to 5M with 5V logic. That’s a pretty big radius, and it would likely work further than that. Getting more complicated again, you could use decentralised Uno’s connected to many devices in area’s where you need that data. They send data to a central Uno, which does what it does.

Re soil sensors, any of our soil sensors would do the job just fine. There’s a wealth of info within the product pages which describe how to use them, along with links to guides. Perhaps let us know if you run into a specific niggle after checking that intel out.


The purpose of the Sparkfun Inventors Kit is to learn how to use and Arduino and sensors. There is a great guide that goes with it, and we have video tutorials that walk you through the projects. I recommend you get that first, work through the projects and learn a little about how to use sensors with Arduino, and then move on to the 12 sensor project. The inventors kit comes with an Arduino Uno equivalent board, so you wont need another.

If you want to do soil probes as well you will need a board with more inputs. The Arduino Uno has 12 digital inputs. The Arduino Mega has many more.