Teensy Launchpad Memory Game plays Volca FM and Bass with Volca Modular weirdness

A Teensy microcontroller works with the launchpad and sequences the Volcas. The main sequence is sent to the Volca FM, which because it isn’t a mono synth doesn’t, always get the note off matching the notes played which introduces nice rhythms. The memory game alters the notes being played, shown by the different colour squares on the Launchpad. The Volca Bass only plays the notes altered by the Memory Game. The Modular makes interesting sounds, just because.


Hey John,

Thanks for posting, this looks and sounds great!

Nice clean project and an interesting spin on the classic Simon-Says style memory game.


Thank you. I’m having fun making games that can fit on the grid and then can be used to trigger notes.
Got any ideas of a simple game that could work?


Hi John,

There can’t be many classic arcade games left that you haven’t already done. Have you already done Tetris?


That’s one I haven’t done…
I did think of it but I wasn’t sure if there was enough space on a 8x8 grid. Maybe I can do a simplified version…