Another dumb question about your site and things you sell

(I’m ba-ack)

Sorry guys I know I have asked already about the length of the jumper leads, but further looking at the items I am also confused with this.

(See picture)

Ok, we are looking at female - female jumper leads.
But there are three things you have:
1 - The length. Only shown for two of the three. (Blue)
2 - Some weird numbers in the red circled area. (Red)
3 - The quantity you get. Only shown on the last one: 40. (Green)

What am I missing?


Hey Andrew,

No worries! These should be easy questions to answer :slight_smile:

  1. We get jumpers from a variety of manufacturers, and some stick the length in the description, others in the name. That’s likely where the difference comes from
  2. Those numbers are actually 20 x 6" (inches), but product names can’t contain quote marks, so that gets lost in the wash
  3. Quantity is that first number in the last point, i.e. 20 x 6 is twenty pieces of six inch jumpers

Hope this clears things up!


And just to make sure we’re crystal, 20 x 6 means a ribbon of 20 conjoined individual wires, 6inches long - not 20 lots of 20x6

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