ArduCam UC892 not working till photo taken on Raspberry pi set up firstt

Why do i need to down load a camera picture on my Rasapberry Pi 4 (using Bookworm OS) through the terminal before my ArduCam UC 882 (cable extender PCB) will down load a picture. If i don’t down load a picture first using the Raspberry Pi only , when Rj45 cable is added to the ArduCam PCB i get the message “camera not connected”

That’s curious behaviour @Frank196078

Can you please show us what commands (and returned outputs) you’re executing for both cases? Working vs. not working?

If i had to guess, the instant-download of the picture is perhaps initialising/emnumerating the device correctly, while the other sequence of commands is not.

The set up is very simple just a ArduCam attached to Raspberry PI 4 . I am using the ArduCam to run the camera (Camera Module 2) siganal over 10 m of cable and it all works well . Initally i just used - rpicam-jpeg -o test.jpg- to read the camera and got " no camera attached" . Then ran the camera from just the Raspberry all ok . Reatached the ArduCam ribbon cable and used same command alls OK. At the moment its all running ok .May be i might just put up with the inconveience if it happens again. Thanks
I have been in the electronis came for 25 years and over time odd things happen that i just cant explain. Thats life

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Hey Frank,

That’s a strange one, maybe the terminal-based camera software is only installed once the camera is used for the first time or some other weird first time process?

As long as it working for you currently that’s good to hear. If it starts playing up again let us know and we can give you a hand troubleshooting this further.

Thanks for ur reply

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