Arduino Nano+SIM7000E Works One Day, Not the Next

Hi Everyone,

I have recently purchased a SIM7000e IOT HAT and have an Arduino Nano.

Yesterday I was able to connect the arduino to the sim7000e and the arduino was able to communicate with the sim7000e with AT Commands.

Today however, I wired everything up the same way, used the exact same code, and for some reason I cant get the arduino to communicate with the SIM7000e.

SIM7000e 5v -----------> Nano 5v
SIM7000e GND -----------> Nano GND
SIM7000e RX -------------> Nano pin 11
SIM7000e TX ------------> Nano pin 10

I am starting to think I damaged the RX and TX pins on the SIM7000e module because everything is the same as yesterday. Code, baud rate, wiring. All the same.

The SIM7000e hat works in Putty. Does exactly what I want it to do when connected via micro usb to pc.

I have a feeling that I have damaged it somehow.


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Hi Jack,

That’s unusual - this is likely an integration problem if it was working, and then stopped. Can you please share a photo of the underside of the board, the side the SIM card is on?

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Hi thanks for the reply. Sure i can send a photo.

Hi Were you able to reset your module to factory default or reflash the firmware somehow? were you able to get this going? I am connecting the HAT directly to my PC using a micrsoUSB cable and using the GPS demo from the Waveshare website. I was able to get the GPS data showing up on the radar but then it suddenly stopped working altogether. I trying to find a way to reset it…