SIM7000E HAT stopped working

I bought one of these
(NB-IoT / eMTC / EDGE / GPRS / GNSS HAT for Raspberry Pi | Waveshare | Core Electronics Australia)
a while ago and have been able to get the GPS locations using the SIM7000E Demo program from the waveshare website ( using a microUSB interface cable.
Yesterday, i cannot seem to get the GPS showing up on the Demo program anymore. Is there a way to re-flash the firmware? or reset to factory default? i can’t find anything on the waveshare website on this topic… Please help. Thanks

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Hi Song,

Are there any error messages shown when running the code. If you could also share a picture of how you have it hooked up I will be happy to have a look at that too

Hi Jack, Thanks for your assistance. I have attached some pics.

  1. The SIM7000E plugged into the laptop via a microUSB cable

  2. The device manager showing the COM port for various protocols

  3. the display of the SIM7000 Demo app now

  4. the display of the SIM7000 Demo app when the module was working the day before.

When it was working the GPS satellites just populate the radar map and values shows on the list

Hi @song179682 - you may have just got lucky with the weather conditions on the first day that you had success.

These modules typically need really good line-of-sight to any satellites to acquire a position. Operating indoors is always fraught with these modules - try taking it outside if you haven’t already.

Hi Michael, YOU ARE RIGHT!! I am outside now with a clear sky and it is working!!!
Usually i get pretty good result sitting at my table right next to the window. May be the cloud was really thick and heavy the last couple of nights!! i will pay more attention to it… Thank you very much



@song179682 glad it was that simple :slight_smile: chalk it up as a lesson learned
best of luck with your project :smiley: