Argon One V2 Fan Script - Could not resolve host - Raspberry Pi Lite OS

Hi Everyone,

Hope someone can assist with my issue on Argon One V2 fan script. When I try to install using the script (curl | bash), I’m returned with a Could not resolve host: error. I’m definitely connected to the internet as I’m using this Pi to run my Plex.

I’ve also tried downloading the script and run it directly but still the same issue.

Hi Maverick,

I was able to parse the URL through chrome, so in my experience curl should be able to grab it.

You might want try wget instead? It might also be helpful to just try downloading the file then running it once you’re sure its made it to you.

You can also try downloading it onto a thumb drive on another PC and running that from your Pi

Keen to see you back on track!

Hi James,

Thanks for your response, much appreciated. I’ve also tried downloading the .sh file and running it but am getting the error:

Not sure why it looks like I’m not connected to the internet.

Hi Maverick,

While you definitely have LAN connectivity (I can see you’re SSHing in), either your package manager sources or DNS might be playing up. Pinging or similar should reveal DNS issues, and hitting sudo apt update should sort out sources (unless the Pimoroni script calls for more, but it should handle adding them itself).

I’d also be interested to see your ifconfig info, and cat /etc/resolv.conf to see what your DNS is doing.

Keen to get you back on track!

u must have internet hooked up…

right click link above and choose “open link in new tab”…download link should prompt up…i tried the link on a win box …if need be save file to usb stick and take to your linux machine copy file to a dir of your choice and follow below…

chmod 755
hit enter
then next

run the file from its present location
./ and the installer will run …

once done…goo to the “etc” dir and find the argononeconfofd file its someting like that i think you will find it… its at the start of the listings in the etc dir
and edit the values

give that a try…
my settings i manually have done as per this page basically…cpu temp`s are on the left and fan speeds %tages are on the right you can play with the values to meet your needs…

delete the old entry`s in the file and
copy past the above values into the file if need be adjust as required…enjoy…

save the file and reboot

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