Argon Fan HAT (CE06643)

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This fan HAT is perfect for keeping your Raspberry Pi 4 cool.

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Just received the fan (hat).

One small worry is the clearance with the heatsink on the small chip beside the GPIO pins - with the RasPi logo on it.

The fan contacts the board, so I had to lift the GPIO connector up a bit to keep the clearance.

It seems to be working. But to just put it out there.

BE CAREFUL with the heatsinks used!


Hi Andrew,

Clearance can definitely be tricky for heatsinks underneath a HAT. Since you have the Fan HAT you may find that the heatsink isn’t providing much improvement to the Pi’s cooling anyway and you can do without it altogether.


OK, thanks Trent.

I still may add one.

On the OTHER machine which has one of said fans, this is the temperature logging.

Screenshot from 2022-02-25 16-52-22

Again, just sharing.

Does this fit the Argon NEO case?

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i have that case but you`d do better with the tall version of it

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What do you mean by the tall version of it?

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Hi Fulvio,

Welcome to the forum!!

While the FAN HAT will fit the NEO there is only a flat surface to blow air onto and with the lid on top it will circulate air around the enclosed space (not achieving much cooling).

Brian might be refering to the ARGON ONE but Brian would have to confirm :slight_smile:
PS: the ONE Has both active (through the form of a fan and passive cooling.