Best battery for a PiJuice to Pi4/M.2/Touch Screen/Fan

Hi, I purchased a PiJuice to backup power for my Pi 4 8GB, M.2 Sheild, 7" touch screen and 2 fans , its pulling 1.2A max power

I the default 1820mw battery cannot power the boot

I read the docs PiJuice/ at master · PiSupply/PiJuice · GitHub

It recommends a 3500+ ma battery.
“To achieve the maximum of 2.5A you will need to use a battery of at least 3500mAh.”

Shal I buy a

  1. 3-pin LiPo Battery for PiJuice 20000mAh Australia
  2. 3-pin LiPo Battery for PiJuice 10000mAh Australia

How hard are these batteries to connect to the pi juice and setup in the pijuice GUI?

I will confirm all max power needs and maybe power the screen (power fed my micro usb with touch over data (split the cable). Maybe I power the 2x fans externally too (0.1A EA)

Thanks in Advance


I tested the power of a bare pi on sd card then with the m.2 ssd then with the fan then with the pijuice, then with the 7" touch screen

The touch screw uses 0.5A and this tips the combined power draw to over 1.5A.tbe stock battery can’t handle over this.

I need to split the power/data on the micro sd that powers the screen abd sends touch to power the screen externally.

Or but a bigger battery that supplies over 1.5A



The 7" Touch screen used 0.54A (White Screen, 0.52A (black screen).
Micro SD uses 0.121A
M.2 SATA Drive uses 0.115A
The Fan uses 0.1A
The Pi (with PiJuice) uses 1.12A at boot)
The Pi (with PiJuice) uses 0.82A at idle)
The Pi (with PiJuice) uses 1.07A at benchmarking all threads)


Hi FearTec,

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PiJuice have an excllent guide which can be found here: How to Setup & Connect your PiJuice battery • Pi Supply Maker Zone
Bryce made some calculations on this forum post regarding the custom profile required to use the battery: 3-pin LiPo Battery for PiJuice 6000mAh (CE06797) - #3 by Bryce

There isnt an exact spec for the C rating (used to find the current output) but we’ll have to do a test to confirm it’s output current.



Update, I ordered a 10,000mAh battery plus the stock battery now powers the screen etc now that it is fully charged