Bluetooth controllers

Can’t seem to connect to my Bluetooth controllers - followed videos but still won’t connect .
Can you please help me


Hi Jane,

Welcome to the forum!

Which controllers did you have and what were you looking to connect to(Raspberry Pi, Nintendo Switch etc)?


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Raspberry pi 4 model b 4gb sn30 pro Bluetooth gamepsd

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Still can’t connect Bluetooth controller - once it did recognise the pro controllers but when I tried to connect it said
An error occurred connecting to the Bluetooth device(creating device failed :org. blues.Error. AlreadyExists: Already Exists)

Would appreciate some help

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Hi Jane,

Could you share a bit more about your software situation? That changes the guides and things we recommend. Are you using RetroPie or similar, or just Pi OS.

There was a bug getting around a while back with those 8bitdo controllers with retropie, detailed here:

I’d also make sure you’re in x-input mode (holding x and start when turning on the controller)

Also, I’d try the controllers over USB to make sure they are functioning as expected.

There is also another thread you may want to have a read through:

Keen to get you back on track!


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Hi James ,

Sorry for late reply been away and not able to try anything .
I am using 8BitDo Sn30 pro wireless and latest retropie ( just bought ) I was able to connect one control but not the other - so I remove the working one and attempting to connect to both again .
Now it won’t connect to either

  • recognises Bluetooth and pairs to both
  • won’t connect
    It’s very frustrating as all the manuals and on line , u tube advise make it seem easy .
    Any advice would be very helpful