Bluetooth not working


i was trying to get bluetooth on my PC with windows 10. I bought the following product and plugged it in, but it isn;t working. I called up and they told me to download a new driver, but it said I already had the correct driver -see screenshot below

Can you help me??



Hey Thomas,

To give us a better idea of what is going on can you go to the properties of the Bluetooth device and see if there is an error message there.

Hi Clinton,

See below - the device is not working

I was hoping that would tell me more. Have you tried it in another computer? you can also try and uninstall the current driver and get it to refresh the driver.

Hi Cinton,

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver and it is still the same. Unfortunately we don’t have another computer to install it on - any other ideas??



Hey Thomas,

After a bit of hunting I found this guide that may work for you, If you look at the notes below the video he says to just download the files from dropbox and run the setup .exe and it should work. I downloaded and scanned all the files and they seem to be safe.