Camera and Lens M12, High FOV, Rectilinear

I’m looking for a camera and lens to meet the following spec. Any help much appreciated…

  • 30 frames per second minimum
  • Ubuntu & UVC compatible
  • M12 Mount (= S-mount lens) – high fov
  • power and data via usb
  • IP65 weatherproof - dust and water ingress-proof
  • resolution 640 x 480 minimum


  • FOV - horizontal and vertical field of view of 90 degrees minimum
  • high f/# (=f-stop=f number) => deep DOF => focuses on everything in scene
  • rectilinear = zero-image distortion
  • M12 lens to match above


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Hey Nick,
I’m not sure of anything that fits those specs exactly, but it might be worth taking a look into ArduCam gear?

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Thanks Cheesey,
I was actually looking at this one Arducam Complete High Quality Camera Bundle for Jetson Nano | AC-B0250 | Core Electronics Australia
which looks pretty good but the ideal rectilinear (zero-distortion / high fov) lens i found was this one
4K+ M12 Lens with Wide-Angle No-Distortion | 2.6mm CIL028
which has an M12 fitting and so didn’t ‘seem’ to fit the CS-Mount of the above Arducam
VERY HAPPY TO BE PROVEN WRONG ON THAT or to get pointed to another lens with similar specs which would fit the M12 mount though??
cheers, nick

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Hi Nick,

It might be worth getting in touch with ArduCam directly to sort through their gear and find the right lens camera combo for you.

If you find something from ArduCam let us know and we can get it setup on the website.


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Thanks Liam aka Cheesey ;-), I’ll let you know if I get anywhere down that path. cheers