OV9281 Monochrome Global Shutter 1MP Camera Module (AC-B0411)

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Features best-in-class near-infrared (NIR), quantum efficiency (QE), and a V2-like form factor.

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I guess you have placed wrong specs for this product…
Could you please confirm what type is it? B0411? Then it will have fixed lens and IR filter? So info on specs are not correct? Or is it another type with no IR filter and also with M12 lens? Could you please confirm what product you are referring two?

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Hi Mehdi,

Welcome to the forum!!

I just cross-checked the specs on the ArduCam page: Arducam OV9281 Monochrome Global Shutter Camera Module for Raspberry Pi

Everything seems to line up, which specs were you spotting the difference?

I havent used this camera, but from the product page it lists: A Manual focus (Fixed) with IR filter without M12 lens mount.

There are quite a few ArduCam products coming onto the website - let us know if you are after a particular one!

Dear Liam,

Yes, I am after the other version noIR + M12. The spec was saying its near IR which confused me.
I’ve ordered a few last night to see the limits.
It also doesn’t say with external trigger what the max FPS for different resolutions would be (also in the product webpage). Same sensor seems to achieve ~450fps at 640x480.


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Hi Mehdi,

Understood, do you have a SKU for that specific camera?

I’ve just added the Overview section to the product page :slight_smile: Unfortunately ArduCam doesnt go too indepth for a lot of specifications but if you need any their forum is active - just let us know and we can ask them and update our product pages!

I don’t. I was hoping you might have the OV9281 B0965 or B0224 (apart from the lens, I don’t understand what their difference is).

Hey Mehdi,

To my knowledge, as you’ve said it is just the lens that changes between those versions, not unlike the difference between the B0411 and B0405 most of the specifications remain the same across the versions of the OV9281’s and OV9282’s

Unfortunately, at the moment Core Electronics doesn’t carry either of those variants to my knowledge

(@Liam please feel free to correct me if these end up being brought on)

Just curious about the use-case, why do you need to use an ArduCam board specifically rather than another camera module with no IR Filter and M12 lens?

I need high frame rate for low light environment for tracking motion (so global shutter is a pro) with external trigger allowing to have multiple synchronised cams for gesture processing using AI. This product is attractive as it offers all at a very reasonable price.