Tiny / Micro NoIR Camera for RPi

Hi all,

We’re struggling to find the smallest possible NoIR camera that we can connect to an RPi (or similar). We’re trying to track users’ eyes as they wear glasses, so need the smallest possible camera (and perhaps IR LED) that operates in an unobtrusive way. Further, the camera will also need a tiny focus length given that it will be quite close to the subject’s eye. Any ideas on where I can look to buy something like this please?



Hi Kirk,

Welcome back to the forums, this seems like a bit of a fun project here. The Raspberry Pi NoIR cameras that we stock are probably larger than what you are after. It does feel like this would be an interesting piece of hardware. Arducam does have these NoIR Camera Modules available that may do what you are after

Some other things to consider here would be the cables and Pi itself. Will these also be obtrusive if you can pull this off with a smaller camera?

Thanks for your suggestions @Jack. I have already purchased from you guys, the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera. Yes, it is far too big, and the other issue is the cabling. That flat ribbon cable is not ideal. We were more hoping for a small round cable (maybe even USB) if that was possible.

Thanks again.

You’re very welcome,

I’m not sure if it is because my search results are skewed with all the Raspberry Pi questions I throw at it but most Noir cameras I’ve seen use a ribbon cable or the one that I saw with USB was a larger board again.

Something must exist out there but I have a feeling its not a bit of hobbyist grade tech.

I tend to agree @Jack. That’s the reason I posted the question as I had little luck to date. I feel I may need to go direct to OEMs, but thought to try here first.