IR Camera Modlue Schematic

Just wondering if anyone has a drawing/schematic for the cheap IR Camera Module Schematic.

I know you get what you paid for and in my case the IR modules have already burnt out.

But just have a motioneye setup in the shed & its still working perfectly, just one of the IR modules died so it cant see at night time. Also wondering if its heat that killed it since i do see people recommending heat-sinks. I would eventually like to have a permanent solution, that’s also reliable long term. But on the interim i don’t mind fixing the current one , as i also want to freshen up my soldering soldering skills … used to be IPC.


Hi Nathan,

Can you add a link to the IR camera module you were referring to?
If it’s one of the Pi foundations camera modules their documentation pages are normally pretty good for schematics, some of the third party suppliers can be a little harder to track down specs for as they are very closed source designs.


Its just one those Aliexpress jobs ,

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