Raspberry Pi Camera module 3

I am trying to setup the camera module 3 on my raspberry pi model 4B but when I run the command “libcamera-hello -t0”, then I get the following error:
Made X/EGL preview window
[0:02:22.195466548] [1248] INFO Camera camera_manager.cpp:297 libcamera v0.0.5+83-bde9b04f
ERROR: *** no cameras available ***
As I have already enabled the camera on my pi and installed libcamera-apps, how can I resolve this issue?

Hi Devanash,

Thanks for posting, here are some steps you can go through to attempt to resolve the issue. Also, can you please confirm which Operating System you’re running on the Pi? I suspect it is Raspberry Pi OS - Bullseye, but depending on what your using that may change some troubleshooting steps.

  1. Reseat and check the orientation of the ribbon cable on both the camera and on the Pi (it’s fairly surprising how easy it is to mount it backwards or too loosely)

  2. Ensure that you’re using a suitable power supply. If the voltage is too low off of the PSU the camera might not be getting enough current, although unless you’re doing something eccentric, this probably isn’t the issue

  3. Run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade to ensure all of the deps are up to date

  4. Also pretty unlikely unless you’ve changes the user groups, but using usermod to ensure that you definitely have the video group also wouldn’t hurt to try

~ $ sudo usermod -a -G video {your username here - probably pi}

Let us know how you go with it

Hi Bryce,
Even after running all of your steps the error persists. Are there any other possible steps?


Hi Devansh,

It could quite possibly be a hardware fault, either on the Pi’s CSI connection, the cable you’re using, or with the camera itself.

In this case it’d probably best to reply to your order confirmation email from Core linking the support team through to this forum thread and some photos of the camera and Pi to identify the versions and revision, and they’ll fix this up for you right away:


You can see here to make sure that you’re not skipping any step: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hrF8Wq8SSQ