Can't connect a pycom lopy via Atom

Just getting back to an abandoned project from before Christmas and I’m now stuck going around incircles even before starting - Atom can’t find any usb serial ports!
It keeps returning: /dev/tty.iPhone-miles-WirelessiA (Unknown manufacturer) (copied to clipboard)

And in terminal (on a mac) I get this: ls /dev/cu.*
/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port /dev/cu.iPhone-miles-WirelessiA

Any suggestions on how to I enable the usb serial ports?


Hey Miles,

It looks like as though it is trying to connect to the Bluetooth on your iPhone. There is a guide from pycom that may help you out

Thanks Clinton.
Sorted, It was a crappy micro USB cable. Lesson leant that not all USB cables are wired up the same/correctly!


Great to hear you got it sorted. There is an XKCD webcomic about this phenomenon