Chrome Launcher for Kodi

Hello fellow Kodi users,

I’ve been trying to find a repository containing the Google Chrome Launcher. Sadly, the SuperRepo has been shut down. Trying to find another source online so far has been fruitless… All the web pages I find keep referring to the SuperRepo repository.

If anybody can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Matt,

I did some digging, and found a guide that pointed to adding as a repos source. I haven’t done anything other than JellyFin as an addon for Kodi, so I’m not sure whether this is trusted/usual, but it points to Studenten Net Twente - Index of /pub/software/superrepo/v7/addons/ as a data directory, which points to another hosting site, implying that it’s still up.

Is there anything else you’re missing? I might’ve missed your point…

Hi James,

Thanks for getting back to me. The address is the SuperRepo depository. It has been shut down I’m guessing due to copyright issues.
I tried the other link you posted, but when I clicked on it I get the “web server down” reply.

After a considerable amount of time online, there doesn’t appear to be a working web browser for Kodi 19 on RPi. Maybe some time in the near future there will be, but for now I’ll have to live without it.

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Hi Matt,

Any chance you’re region-locked? I wouldn’t send you dead links :smiley:

Here’s what I see from my side:


Maybe there is a regional issue with my setup. 10play will stream live TV, but when I try to browse the on demand content, I get an error message saying “Cannot read the JSON” or something like that. Then it says to check I’m not geo-locked.

Seems strange that an Australian viewing an Australian free TV site would be geo-locked.
On the other hand, 9Now works brilliantly!

When I click on the link you provided, this is the message I get:- Error 521

Ray ID: 6995c2667d0062eb • 2021-10-05 09:52:50 UTC

Web server is down

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An update on what I’ve been doing with Kodi…

I decided to start over again, this time using Pi OS Desktop as my operating system. I installed Kodi using “apt-get install kodi”.
I’m now running an older version of Kodi, version 18.7 ‘Leia’, as that seems to be the latest version that will work with the Pi OS.

After doing this, I can now install SuperRepo and get it’s add ons.

I guess that SuperRepo doesn’t like working with Kodi ‘Matrix’ running on LibreElec for whatever reason.

I still can’t get any of the web browser apps to launch inside Kodi, but that’s another problem.