Coin Acceptor - Programmable 4 Coin Type (ADA787)

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Your project may be free-as-in-speech, but that doesn’t mean it has to be free-as-in-beer. This handy coin validator/acceptor module is just like the ones you’ve … read more

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Hello Makers,

Today I did some testing on this coin acceptor.
A fellow maker had some issues with a $2 coin passing through and registering, I got everything set up and running on the initial setup using the buttons as per the instructions.
The slot allowed larger coins to pass through without any issue, however, the smaller heavier coins got caught in the return slot, giving the coin a bit more momentum helped the coin through.

PS: to get this one connected up to a microcontroller(MCU) you’ll need a logic level converter to step the voltage down to a voltage that the MCU is tolerant of.


We recently Purchased the Coin Acceptor - Programmable 4 coin type to allow us to use bronze/aluminum tokens to activate a machine. We have been able to program the coin acceptor with these tokens and get it to activate our machine but it does not accept the tokens consistently , it usually takes a few tries before it will accept it. We have used the highest sample size possible and have set it to the lowest accuracy. Is there any way to improve the consistency of the coin acceptor?


Hi Corey,

Welcome to the forum!!

Was the coin making it through the first gate? When I did my testing it would sometimes get stuck in the chute. Smaller coins will be a bit harder to get very consistent readings.
Could you send through the digits you used on setup? I’ll see if I can replicate your setup once you send through the deets.


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Hello Liam

We checked and the coins are making it through to the first gate. They are pretty large tokens , slightly larger than a $1 coin in diameter and about the same width.

Currently we are using a sample size of 30 , a signal length of 1 and an accuracy of 30.

I have tried programming all 4 coins as the token , and that does increase the consistency of the acceptance but it still doesn’t accept the tokens every time.


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