Drink fountain using coin selector

I’m building a drink fountain using a coin selector to activate the the selections.I’m only using 2 pumps with push buttons. (It’s something like a drink vending machine)
I bought a 6 coin selector. Not sure what else I need to make coin selector to communicate with the drink selection. I think I need some sort of relay or micro controller. Not sure where to go from here.

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Hi Cheav,

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We have a couple of different coin acceptors and they each work slightly differently. This video from SparkFun is probably the best intro to help you get your head around how they work.

All the coin acceptors we sell are good parts for building a vending machine, but won’t work as a vending machine on their own, they just recognise coins and then pass that information off to another device like a microcontroller or laptop to make decisions.

This guide covers how to use the coin acceptor alongside an Arduino and includes some sample code to make it work.

Is your drinking fountain already functional and you are just trying to apply a coin acceptor to activate and disable it? Or is the drinking fountain also still in the design phase?

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The basic idea is

coin acceptor-Arduino-Motor driver- Motor

Trent has already given an idea about how to interface the coin acceptor to an Arduino. You can follow that. Upon receiving the signal, the arduino will activate the motor. I don’t know which motor you will be using. No matter what motor you use, it’s always wise to use a motor driver or relay between the motor and arduino.