Coin Acceptor that accepts AUD $1 and $2 coins

Hi guys, I’m looking for a coin acceptor that can accept AUD $1 and $2 coins, specifically Coin Acceptor - Programmable (3 coin types) | Sparkfun COM-11719 | Core Electronics Australia or any other coin acceptor.

My current coin acceptor can only detect/count coins from US, Japan, Thailand, etc. which is odd as AUD $1 and $2 coins are larger and heavier than Japanese yen, so the size, thickness and drop speed should be detectable, and have more copper than US coins so shouldn’t have issue with not enough metal for conductivity/detection. It can accept AUD 20 cent coins though, as they are of exact metal composition as US coins.

Hey Louis,

Looks like the one you linked is programmable and only has issues with 50c coins.

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Thanks, Cheese. Have you used or tested this product with AUD $1 and $2 coins?

Hi Louis,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any of that SKU in stock to test for you, did you have any other units you were interested in that we could test for you?