Components to sense and manage water with Arduino Nano

Hi Support, for an Arduino project, I am looking for:

  • a water flow sensor that can be used by the Arduino Nano to detect when water is running through a hose (via the sensor) and when it stops
  • a valve that can be controlled by the Arduino to open and close the flow of water to another hose
  • battery power and anything else required in the middle to make this work (cables, etc).

The devices should handle pressures and flow in Melbourne houses.

Ideally, they would have links, manuals or instructions for connecting to and programming the Arduino for the components.

Thanks, Simon

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Hi Simon,

Do you know what water pressure and flow rate are typical in Melbourne? This sensor looks to be able to handle up to 1.75 MPa and 30L/minute.

Core has both plastic and brass solenoid valves so confirming the maximum pressure and flow you expect to see will determine if you can go for a cheaper solenoid valve.
Is it an absolute requirement that this system run from battery power? Since most of the solenoids require 12V and the Nano can take a 12V input it seems like a 12V plugpack would be a simpler power setup.