Connecting a Sparkfun Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate board to Adafruit Feather M0 Adalogger

Hi, I have bought the above from you, but I thought connecting them together would be a little more obvious than it is.
The sparkfun oximeter page links to a Sparkfun tutorial on connecting it to one of their products (RedBoard Qwiic), and I googled and could not find useful info on connecting it to a Feather board.
Four of the pins are easy, Gnd, 3.3V, Scl, Sda, but the other 2 (RST and MFIO) are a little more tricky, as the Sparkfun RedBoard Qwiic has a different processor, and the schematic is not that easy to relate to the board layout.
Could you please suggest which pins on the Adalogger M0 to connect RST and MFIO to, and how to refer to them in Arduino code.

The two pins used (4 and 5) are just two available GPIO pins. Use any of the unused GPIO pins on the Adalogger for them, and modify the code appropriately.