Connecting Adafruit QI Wireless Charging Transmitter to Arduino Uno

Hey guys,

I’m a complete newbie using Arduino and programming, so sorry if this doesn’t make any sense.

I’m doing a project where i want to use wireless charging to control the colour of an RGB led strip when a phone is placed on it. I purchased the Adafruit QI wireless charging transmitter to do this, but am unsure how to go about connecting it to my Arduino uno. I’m assuming i would have to solder a wire onto it but am unsure where.

Thank you! Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Zachary,

The easiest (but probably not the cleanest) way to do this would be to connect a photoresistor to your arduino and place the photoresistor right up against the LED on the inductive charging board that lights up when it’s charging something.