Connections for powering long (10m) DotStar LED strip

Hello Sam,

You mentioned powering DotStar LED strips every metre or two and I have read the other similar posts on this and I have now decided to power this every metre.

However, to inject the power each metre, I presume I would cut the strip, solder on a 4 pin connector (what are they called again, and do you sell these ? ), continue the clock and data signal wires from the end of the 1st metre to the new connector on the start of the 2nd metre, and connect the power from the extra power supply cables to the 2nd metre.
Is this correct ?

Then I would need to seal it again with a silicone sealant to maintain the waterproof protection - correct ?

Thanks in advance

Hi John,

Every 2 metres should be fine to maintain colour integrity. What I’d recommend doing is rather than cutting the strip, just slice open the waterproof covering, solder your power wires onto the pads there (so no need to cut the strip itself), then seal the opening with some silicon.

If you’re careful, you should be able to just slice open the top of the silicon casing and bend it back for soldering rather than completely cutting it all the way around.