Controll control DC motors using Arduino UNO and Piico Dev Accelerometer

Using these parts:

The plan is to make the DC motors move with the imput from the accelerometer.
Kind of like the hover boards kids get these days.

I only purchased these so far, specifically. So i dont know how to join them or make it work.

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Hi @Andrew110833,

It would be best to get the motor working first, there is a good user guide available.

On page 5, it shows the connections, and there is also a manual test switch. You’ll need to connect external power that suits the voltage/current of your motor, along with the motor itself. Fyi, the motor and PSU were unlisted in your parts…

With no code, you could then test that the motor works by pressing these buttons on the bottom:

If the motor works as expected, then you are ready for step 2, report back if so!


Hi I have achieved a Power supply for this project to make it perfect.
I have done as instructed and im looking forward to step 2


Hi Andrew,

Have you made any progress on this one, or were you needing some direction on where to go next?

From the looks of things you’ve got everything you need to make this happen! I’d work my way through the PiicoDev accelerometer Pi tutorial and confirm that does what you want, then work on adding on motor functionality. What sort of motors were you using?

Keen to see this one come to life :slight_smile:

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Hi James,
I have made the connection with the motor controller above just like Graham explained and the physical buttone work well.
Now i dont know where to go.
I want to make the motor move forward and backward with the accelerometer tilt on 1 or 2 axis.

Can you guide me how to do this?

I have both rassberry Pi4 and Raspberry pi 400 (keyboard with a QuikPhat extension)

I also have a Duinotech 3 axis accelerometer module, the Piico Dev accellerometer (with no link cable)

Im perplexed with the different tutorials online.

I also have a arduino Uno if it makes a simpler link.

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The next step would be to get the accelerometer connected and working, so that you can see the numbers it produces when you mount it like you expect to be using it, and tilt it as required. Do this as a separate project first, without worrying about how you use it with the motor. When you see the numbers you get from it you can start to figure how to turn the numbers into motor movement, and do that as the next step in the project.

If you are having trouble with the tutorials the best approach is to pick one and describe exactly how far you get with it and what problem you run into. The one you are most likely to get good assistance with is here.