Copy program off Arduino nano board / clone Board?

Hi All,

One of my friends created a device for me and she has passed away start of this year, I am at a loss trying to work it out.

I Need help FIRSTLY identifying components (might be cheap copy) and SECONDLY copying the program off the Board to use with other students of hers.

FIRSTLY /////////////////////////////


So far managed to identify the chip looks like a Arduino Nano yet no Nano writing (has a ATmega328P processor on it)

Image of my Board

SECONDLY //////////////////////////

Need to transfer code to another board //////////////////////////////////

I need to backup and copy code from this board, The colour programming and timing is what I need IT is very important to get the program off to put onto other units.

I HAVE INSTALLED > IDE ARDUINO 1.8.12 on my Mac, and connected via serial port with USB. So far the Board info is unknown throws up. Using

BN: Unknown board
VID: 1A86
PID: 7523
SN: Upload any sketch to obtain it

Have done my best to look through tutorials yet nothing is presenting itself to copy the programming of light colours and sequence off this microprocessor.

Please help me with this, feel like I am in another country and language :slight_smile:

Warm Regards

The board looks like an Arduino Nano, or at least a passable clone of the board.

The Arduino IDE has no facility to read the flashed contents of a chip that I am aware of. The Arduino IDE normally uses the “avrdude” program to write the sketch to flash on the chip, and that program has the ability to read it back, but you would need to run it from the command line with the appropriate parameters.

Refer to the following thread from the Arduino forum. The commands shown there are for Windows, but should only require changing file paths and port name to work on Mac OS.

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Hey Adam,

Great advice from Robin to pull the script from your current board. Also, what are the dimensions of the ring, I’m assuming that it’s a neopixel system like that which I’ve linked below, as we may be able to find another to be able to make a replica of the part and modify the script on the new one without having to modify the original.

All the best!

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Thanks Robin,

will look into that, today I had breakthrough and found out through three contacts that Jaycar programmed it, and they are looking into sending me the code phewww. a lot easier by the looks of it.

Learnt a lot through this experience feeling inspired to create something, thanks for you support

Hi Bryce,

Yes, it appears to be the neopixel 1/4 model that needs 4 to make a circle.
totally thought of this as an option, will see how it plays out with Jaycar.

Its not a difficult program other than SPECIFIC light colours for therapy purposes, which need to be exact. It just pauses on each colour for 3 or so seconds that’s it.

Yet to fine-tune the colours and match existing feels like the challenge