Unable to Upload Code for Arduino Nano V3.0 Board

When I plug in the Nano V3.0 Board, Arduino port option is not listed in Arduino software, instead it is shown as USB Serial Port (COM3) in Device Manager for Windows 10, while nothing new showed up for Mac OS. Then I try to upload my code to the board but it says Problem uploading to board, and leads me to the troubleshooting website (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Troubleshooting#upload). I chose Arduino Nano for the Board, ATmega328P for the Processor and COM3 for the Port.
And I’ve looked at the information about “a useful guide if your device has a different USB/Seria chip” that is listed on the product page, but none of the solution/drive work for both Windows or Mac OS, as nothing shows/changes in my Port/USB menu after installing the drives.

I am moving towards school project deadline and don’t know what to do now. Please do provide some solutions. :sob::sob::sob: Thanks in advance.

A common suggestion to deal with Nano uploading difficulties is to select the “Old Bootloader” processor.

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It still doesn’t work.

You might like to seek help in the Arduino forum. They have a subject are devoted to upload problems:


Hi Xingyi,

I suggest first trying a different USB cord, then try connecting to different USB ports. Sometimes you need to connect to a port directly on your computer instead of a USB hub for an Arduino board to connect properly.