Creating a new power on button for hard to reach PC

I’m new here!

I’m mounting my work PC under a desk to give myself the extra desk space. I’m going to attempt to bi-pass the power switch on my PC case and mount an LED lit momentary switch on my desktop.

I did, consider using a safety switch like they have in films before launching missles…

as a complete novice, I’m learning on the fly.

Does anyone have any ideas about what gauge wire I’ll need, and if I want the switch to light up which terminals on the motherboard I also need to connect to?

I’ve got an msi x570 creation mother board and a fractal design r6 case.

I’ve also considered uninstalling the power/usb/headphone panel on the case and mounting that… but that’s a lot more wires and makes me nervous (would actually probably be the best solution, though.

if anyone has the time of day for a newbie like me, I’d really appreciate it!

in particular I would like to know:
what gauge wire is appropriate, which terminals on the motherboard to use for the LEDs and finally if I can just cut the too terminal connectors off of the cables I have and attach new wire without any issue?


P.S. I’m really surprised no one has created a kit for this…


HI Greg,

I recently spied some cheap ones from eBay/Aliexpress:

The easiest way to go might be to get one of those and hack them up. I imagine it’s pretty simple really - probably just power for the switches and led and a common ground. It shouldn’t need much current so anything 24 to 28 AWG is probably fine.

If you take a look at your Mobo the pins are usually labelled, and they’re just ordinary 0.1" headers.

You’re fine cutting and soldering wires for switches and LEDs, but if you run any audio or USB cables you’ll need to make sure you have good connections, and for the USB wirew, maybe re-purpose some ethernet cable, or carefully solder and add a female USB port so you can use a premade USB cable.

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Thank you!

That’s a good idea, to buy one of these ones for parts :wink:
They aren’t really to my taste as they are.
If I am going to go down that path … What about reusing the top plate I’ve got installed on the pc case?
It’s this one:

I suppose if I wanted to use it, I’d just need to extend all of the leads to be able to reach out of my case up to where I’d want it on my desk…

Does anyone make extensions for the connectors I wonder! hmmm

Thanks again!


Could work too - same recommendations apply though - even more so with USB 3.1

Buttons and LEDs your wiring doesn’t really matter much.

High speed Data transmission is very sensitive to wiring quality. Your best chance of getting reasonable performance out of a long high speed USB run is to just have a female connector for USB on your power button/hub and use an off the shelf good quality shielded USB cable to connect it back to your PC.

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Saw this on reddit and thought of your project!