Cube LED screen display

Hi all, I’m creating a public art project prototype and need to build a cube of outdoor LED screens. The vendor I had lined up had to cancel and I am running out of time to build it. I need displays with beveled edges so that they can slot in tidily in a cube shape. I need to make 4 or 5 sides, about 40-50 cm a side (flexible). I could work with non beveled edges in a pinch if they aren’t too thick.

Does anyone have any product recommendations? TIA

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Hey J,

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Just to confirm, by LED screen, did you mean and LED display (like a monitor) or an LED matrix?


Thanks Owen! Sorry, I mean an LED display capable of showing videos.


Hey J,

A few others might be able to chime in with a more detailed answer, but I’ve never really seen too many LED displays that are square and that size.

I remember the Eizo Flexscan being a bit of an outlier a few years ago for being a square FHD monitor, but the price point on it is quite high.

Just doing a quick search online, it looks like this one may be another option from within Australia, but again it is still quite a high price point.

Sorry we couldn’t be a more immediate help.


Ah no that’s fine, but I was looking for something more like LED display modules that could be assembled into a cube and suitable for outside use. Something like This matrix but with beveled inner edges so that it will fit together into a cube shape. Unfortunately I don’t have the tools to bevel it myself.


Hey J,

Sorry I thought you said you were after a display (like a monitor) not a matrix.

Unfortunately, I believe that’s the largest Matrix that we have, and they are approximately 19cm square, so you’d need around 4 of them for each side you wanted to display on to get that size you were after.

I’m afraid we also don’t have any beveled edge LED matrix panels that I’m aware of, though I will say the LED’s on that matrix you linked go almost entirely to the edge and the panels themselves are fairly thin, so it wouldn’t be too much of a hit on appearance.


Sorry for the confusion, I thought LED matrixes were the cubes composed of LEDs like independent floating voxels. I actually do need square monitors for a different project so that is good. I’ll take note of those links for the other project!

Thanks for all your help, if the width isn’t too great I might be able to make it work.


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