Scrolling LED display from TEMU hackable?

Hey folks, I’m interested in getting something like this: Scrolling Advertising Led Signs Led Matrix Pixel Panel, Scrolling Led Sign App Usb 5v Expandable Addressable Rgb Pattern Graffiti Scrolling Text Animation Scrolling, Message Board/ For Store/ Hotel/ Christmas - Temu Australia

The 16x64 (10x38cm) for $49 seems like a pretty decent deal, but only if I’m not married to the no doubt poxy control setup it comes with; sure to be a badly sorted app (possibly containing malware) and a lame remote. What are the odds it employs a standard control protocol which I could connect to an ESP32 or something?

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Hi Kimmo,

Chances are is uses a WS2812 or HUB75 protocol but tapping into those signals might be pretty hard.

If youre after a hacking project the Temu product would be the way to go. but if you’re after a project for making a neat LED project a dedicate matrix would be the way to go: RGB LED Matrix Panel - 32x32 | Sparkfun COM-14646 | Core Electronics Australia

Regardless of what route you go I’d love to see what you make!

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Different resolution etc, but just for the ease of use these look better:

They are designed for chaining together, and you could make a larger display easily enough, though with the leds more spaced out. You could get 10 for about the same price, giving 8x80, 16x40 or 24x24 (using 9)