Data from RPi/Venous OS to the VRM Portal via 4G

Hi community, I’m very new to this sort of thing and struggling (at 70years) to find answers,

I have a Waveshare SIM7600G-H 4G Hat on a Raspberry Pi 4B running Venous OS V3.30, I am trying to send the data from Pi/Venous OS to the Victron VRM Portal.

I can update the data in the Portal over WiFi but not via 4G GSM

This is a mobile installation with GPS, no phone or SMS required.

Has anyone done this or know of a tutorial, I have spent several (now 5) days looking for answers without success, there are many good tutorials however they don’t seem to fit my installation, thank you in advance, Maurice

Hey Maurice, Welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I did some digging on the web and managed to find these troubleshooting steps. You have probably tried a few of these already but they may be some value in here for you.

1.Validate proper installation of the SIM7600G-H 4G HAT on Raspberry Pi. Make sure you have attached your HAT correctly to your Pi.

2.Configure the APN settings. Access Point Name (APN) must be configured correctly to enable the Pi to connect to the internet via your mobile data plan. The APN depends on the mobile cellular provider of the SIM card you are using. An incorrect APN setting will prevent your device from connecting to the Internet.

3.Ensure proper connection of the antenna. Check whether your antenna has been connected correctly for network reception. Install the antenna at a spot where it can receive network signal well and adjust its positioning until there’s good reception.

4.Update SIM7600G Driver and Scripts. Waveshare provides the script required for the SIM7600 4G HAT to operate properly. Make sure that you have the latest driver and scripts installed on your Raspberry Pi. You can download these from Waveshare’s official website and follow the instructions mentioned there.

5.Ensure proper configuration on the Victron VRM Portal. Make sure that you have set up your Victron VRM Portal to receive data from your device correctly.

6.Check the firewall settings. Some mobile network providers block certain outgoing ports that can prevent your Pi from connecting to the VRM Portal.

I’m not super familiar with how this setup would work without using a SIM to send the data without the use of WiFi. Would you be able to explain how you have that hooked up?

Hope something here helps!

G’day Samuel,
thank you for all the suggestions, I did not mention that I have the RPi with Venus OS serving up to the VRM Portal via Home Network (VRM Portal - Victron Energy).
I will try your suggestion #4.
Works well over WiFi, I have a data SIM without SMS and phone calls, there appears to be a communication issue between the RPi’s Venus OS and the Waveshare SIM7600G-H 4G Hat.
Mmmm that heading should have been RPi/Venus OS not the deoxygenated blood Venous, ex Mine Site Medic in a past life,
thanks again Sam for your many suggestions, fond regards Maurice

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