DC-DC Boost Power Supply Modules 5-Pack (DFR0952)

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This DC-DC boost power supply module steps up any input voltage from 2.5V~VOUT to the output voltage of 5V/8V/9V/12V(default to 12V) at a conversion…

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I think that this product has been upgraded. The ones recently supplied came with a link across A and a link across B. Therefore the default output was 12V as specified. To change the output voltage simply lift the appropriate link/s off the circuit board (no soldering/desoldering required). This is an irreversible process but for less than $2 each and 5 in a pack you can have one for each voltage and one spare.


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That’s a good shortcut for anyone without a soldering iron who doesn’t mind some permanent mods.
I’ve made some edits to the product page to make it clearer what the default output is and what’s involved in changing the output, those changes should go live tomorrow.