Development on Arch Max board

I’m attempting to flash an image onto the Seeed Arch Max board using pyocd. The problem I’m experiencing is the flashing of sectors under pyocd is wrong, but on top of that the CMSIS DAP interface is set for a 1024K Flash but the device only has 512K flash. What I have found out there is an updated firmware image from ARM (mbed the file needed to correct the Flash size is 0253_lpc11u35_archmax_0x0000.bin) that corrects this and debugging is no problem now. The issue I am still having is to flash the mpu past the first sector.

I’m running pyocd on windows 10 with python 3.8.x. I’ve downloaded the CMSIS family pack via pyocd which adds further choices to select from under pyocd but this is not helping to flash past the first sector.

Can anyone help with this?

The updated DAP image requires the migration from the originally supported USB HID in pyocd to the now required libusb backend. Also debugging pyocd I identified and issue in the CMSIS module within pyocd, and using my fix the Seed Arch Max v1.1 board can be flashed and debugged using the Segger Development tool using pyocd for C / CMSIS based projects.

I also found that the tool for Ada 2012 development was using a gcc linker script with the wrong flash size (1024k) instead of correct size of 512k. After updating this and rebuilding the project, the image flashed to the stm32f407vetx was all there and debugging Ada as bare-metal was possible. This has now allowed me to step my way through the driver for the I2C sound chip which is part of the Ada Driver Library.

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