DFRobot 2.8" USB Display with Raspberry Pi

I have a DFR0275 usb display. I am seeking a pre-compiled Raspberry Pi image tha t includes the device driver, or alternative ly, instructions in how to install the driver on an existing RPi.
The links on your product page for this device take me to the DFRobot tutorial, where the link to the image(s) is broken (404 Error).
Can you direct me to the required source?


DFRobot link to the follow document for the DF0275:

Here’s the DFRobot Wiki on the DF0275:

Thanks for the prompt response!
I have already accessed these documents, but the issue I’m struggling with is accessing the “prebuilt firmware” referred to on page 5 of the manual you have referred to.
The manual states:
" You can download prebuilt firmware from: http://www.robopeak.com/docs/doku.php?id=product-rpusbdisp-downloads"
However this link returns a " 404 Not Found" error. Are you able to suggest/provide and alternative source for the “prebuilt firmware” for the Raspberry Pi? (I have searched the web without success!!)

I doubt it’s available. All the posts to the site finished in 2014.

I would contact Robopeak support@robopeak.com and see what they can give you.

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I think the prebuilt firmware was a full raspian image, and would be a few releases out of date now. The driver source is available in Robopeak’s github repository, but you would need to compile it yourself. There is a good chance it won’t compile or run with a current kernel, but until you try you won’t know.

Robopeak’s repository is here:

Let’s know how you get on.

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Thanks for your responses. I am not in a position to undertake the compile myself, so have contacted robopeak support in hope!

Thanks again

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