DFRobot DFR0995 LCD DOA or fixable?

I recently purchased two DFRobot DFR0995 LCD displays. I managed to get one working but this one (pictured) has weird banding and a dark spot.

I thought it was a software glitch at first but the same code runs fine on the second display.

Is this a hardware fault with the display and something that can be repaired or is it DOA or DFL (Destined For Landfill)?

Hi xerisystems,

Unfortunately, it looks like that display has suffered some trauma during manufacturing (if you can’t think of anything that happened on your end). Judging from the concentration of problems in one corner it looks like it may have been heated or impacted there. Outside of reseating the ribbon cables, I think that’s all you can do.

If you purchased it from us, reach out via email and we’ll make things right.

Thanks James. I’ll have a fiddle with the cables and see if I can get it to work. I did purchase these from you so will send an email if I can’t repair. Thanks for the follow up. Steve.