Lcd not working

The message is displaying and all the other leds also glows i2c,lolin nodemcu v3

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Not that I’d be able to help you if I could read the message, but you’re gonna need a better pic than that

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Hi Nithin
Contrast or brightness turned up too high maybe.
Cheers Bob

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Hi Nithin,

When posting on the forum, can you please include the SKU/s, titles, or a link if available for the product that you’re having issues with and a description of the issue including any error messages along with the expected behaviour.

I’m not sure what LCD it is that you’ve got there, what the message is, what you’ve got running (on what I’m assuming is an ESP8266 given you’ve referenced i2c, lolin nodemcu v3) and what message or behaviour you expected from that LCD.

As Kimmo and Bob have mentioned, the contrast and brightness seem to be too high. This may be controlled over serial (depending on the board you’ve got), or often via some potentiometers on the back that you can turn to adjust the Contrast, Backlighting, and/or Brightness which should help with the readability of the display.