DIY Chainsaw Prop Halloween


I would like to make a prop chainsaw for halloween this year with loud realistic sound.

I intend to gut and old real chainsaw and replace inside with -

Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board + 2x2W Amp - WAV/OGG Trigger - 2MB

I should be able to run wires to 2x seperate buttons to trigger sounds. 1x button for idle sound, 1x button for high rev chainsaw sound.

This board only has a speaker amp output of 2x 2w, Id like to have the output instead going to a large say 50w car speaker.

Is there something i can use after the onboard amp to boost the watt so i can use a large loud speaker while still remaining inside the chainsaw shell?

Also any links including buttons and PSU also very appreciated.

I will document the build as i go :+1:


Hey Kayser,

All you need to do is stack amplifiers, something like a stereo amp or you could try one from a car stereo system.I think A lipo supply will be what you want if you are going to be running 20-50W speakers you are probably going to get the biggest one you can that will fit in the case.

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Thanks Clinton :slight_smile:

So something like this should be fine or overkill?

Coupled up with to amplify?

And maybe 1 or 2 of these…

Thats the plan anyway :+1:

My technical knowledge is limited, any advice welcome guys.

If i can get the speaker(s) to about 100 db of clean full range chainsaw sound i will be very happy :muscle:

You may need to change the battery to power the speakers you will need 12V at 4 amps to get 48Watts and that battery will only provide 1amp at 3.7volts. The C rating of the battery is what will tell you how much current it can deliver the you probably want something 12V and 5C or greater. I would have a look at Remote control car batteries as they are usually around that voltage level and have a high rated current.

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Hi Kayser! Was wondering if you got any further on this project? I’m interested in doing pretty much the same thing.

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