Prop gun with LEDs and sound

Hey gang I’m new here and am making a replica prop gun from the movie Oblivion. I’m wanting to add LEDs and sound to the gun such as a selector on/off switch (LEDs will turn on/off and a charge/power up sound) and when the trigger is pulled a couple of LEDs will light up in the barrel mimicking muzzle flash and also the sound of it being fired. The materials list is below. I just need help with the size of battery I will require. I want to use a Adafruit Polymer Lithium Ion battery with charger.


Adafruit Audio FX mini sound board - WAV/OGG trigger 2MB
Mini metal speaker (1inch diameter) 8 Ohm 0.5w

Polymer lithium ion battery 3.7v 120mah…will this be enough???

Adafruit micro lipo charger v1

Mini 8 way rotary switch SP8T…will this work as the on/off selector switch as it rotates up/down to turn on/off???

5mm LEDs x 4
Micro switch for trigger

Hey Mathew,

I think you’re on the right track! One thing of note is you might want a voltage regulator to preserve your electronics. As for total power output vs your components, I haven’t properly checked yet, but I think it would be OK.

Let me know how you go!

Thanks Ben. I’ve ordered the gear so will see how we go. This is my first time adding lights n sound to a prop so it’s a learning curve.