DIY Saberstaff Options and Solutions

Hi all, first time poster here.
I’m creating a plan to build a saberstaff (double ended lightsaber) that can separate into two individual sabers.
I’ve done a smidge of research into pre-built, and realised I don’t have the budget. However, I did find out what I want out of the project. The blade and hilt are somewhat off topic for this forum I believe, but I need to find out everything from the light source to the charger for the batteries. If you can help, I greatly appreciate it! Please read on.

I currently want to use an RGRb Tri-Cree LED to light both blades that I have found from The Saber Armory ( I would like to use a momentary switch and switch board to actuate it, and finally, a decent Li-Ion battery to power the thing. I’m opting out of sound for now.

I’m likely to get a pre-made hilt from The Saber Armory ( with some other bits to make up the hilt I want. They have a detailed ‘details’ section on that link that has all the compatible components for them.
This is where I leave my realm of expertise!

I would like to have an illuminated switch on both blades (colour decision pending), but otherwise I’m unsure as to what to pick for the rest. There are templates for sale to house everything inside the hilt, once I figure out what I need.

My questions to this community:

  • How do I wire everything up?
  • What batteries should I use?
  • Are there any better lighting options for an in-hilt solution?

More to follow when I get back to the research!



I’m not sure how you will set the colour of the Cree LEDs as they aren’t an addressible type like a neopixel.
I think I’ve found the right datasheet for them here
Perhaps the current limiting resistors chosen determine the colour balance of each component colour? Might need to do some testing with potentiometers to see how much colour control you can get out of those modules. They do look like they will fit great and be nice and bright though.

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I believe you’re right, the resistors dictate the colour I think (for example: KR 'Purpleasy' Circuit Board - Easy Purple Blade! – The Saber Armory).
Also, this is cool and might work well for my needs: No Sound 'Stunt' Momentary Switch Cree XPE-2 PCB – The Saber Armory

I’ve seen this quoted a few times: 18650 Removable Battery
Might be a good starting point?

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EDIT: Scrap this, these are all sound boards…

Okay, I’ve found some key words that will help!
I don’t know what board to get, but the options are apparently:

  • UniBoard
  • Verso
  • CFX
  • Nano Biscotte or Golden Harvest (not sure why these are considered one option)
  • Proffie

If anyone knows what these are, that would be great!

Hi Qaz,

It seems you have hit a stumbling block similar to what I was discussing this morning with a friend about 3D printers always using nicknames for parts instead of naming things according to their function! Neopixels are another example where they are WS21812 RGB addressable LEDs but of course, that doesn’t sound as cool as Neopixel.

This is similar however in this case 18650 is the name of a form factor of battery. Core have two variants in stock:
One without solder tabs, and one with solder tabs.


I’m back on this train again, had some funding hurdles to overcome. I shall post here soon with an updated idea of what I’m getting.



No real update yet as I’ve been contacting ‘experts’ online. But this is really cool: MHS Saber Builder

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