Emulation Station running all Arcade games in portrait mode

Hi Guys, I just picked up a Digi Dock N+ raspberry pi4 handheld and was playing around with a rom which wouldn’t start and somehow flipped the screen so its in portrait mode when you start a game.

Exit the game, it goes back to horizontal mode.

If I launch a SNES game it plays perfectly horizontal mode.

Being a handheld, I didn’t have access to edit anything via a keyboard and haven’t edited any config files, other than clicking A button on rom launch and changing the default emulator.

I have tried multiple video modes, some hang the system and I have to restart it.

Kind of weird issue which I haven’t experienced before - just wondering if anybody knew a quick fix. The unit came boxed, but no manual and can’t find any manual online.

Hi Shaun,

Its rather hard to find any sort of documentation on this. But, I did see this: https://retrododo.com/digi-dock/

Potentially as seen in the image, this is how they are meant to be configured? By the looks of things its a SNES games as well.

Hey mate, I ended up burning a new image, it has fixed the issue with arcade games flipping screens, but as most things pi… it has new issues. The 5” built in screen was not the correct resolution and barely legible… fortunately I was able to F4 to terminal, sudo raspi-config and turn on wifi, override the password and turn on SSH. I put the old SD card back in and copied the video config from root /boot/config.txt and applied contents to the new image.

The only issue it’s still presenting is in game sound is really shit. The game menu video demos are perfect so it doesn’t make sense.

I have put the old SD in again and mimicked the audio settings but still no luck. Unfortunately I could locate any documents about this console online, one of my Chinese staff read the box features - one said USB sound card, but seams strange it works in the menu already, but not the games…

Any ideas. I have checked the usual suspects in raspi-config / advanced / audio and the retro pi audio menu too.

Hey Shaun,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Are you still running into issues? We’ve been testing a large number of RetroPie and GPi cases recently and have found that issues like that usually lie with the configuration settings of the emulator. I’d recommend copying the appropriate ROMs then doing a full reflash on your card, just to make sure that all of the appropriate settings meet the most up to date standards for the games.

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Hi mate,

I ended up doing a fresh install of a 250gb image and it works good. The only issue is demo sound is great, but in game sound is crackled and not clear :thinking:


Hey Shaun,

Interesting, which ROMs, in particular, are you using, I’ll see whether we’re able to duplicate it with the local stock here.

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Pretty much all arcade games. I’ll make a video for you.


Hey Shaun,

If you can please upload the video to Youtube as private, or create a view-only link in Google Docs that we can get to from here that’d be the quickest way to get it through to us. You can put the link in your reply to this message in the forum.

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