Error: Printer halted


Can you please help, the printer starts to print and less than 1 layer it stops dead and shows an error and will not continue.

{Error: Printer halted. kill () called!

What does this error mean please help?


Can you attach your STL and Gcode files?


  • What printer do you have?
  • If you downloaded the STL from somewhere, link the source
  • What slicer did you use, Cura?


I have a Lulzbot mini, and the file is one that I have created and printed 5 off successfully.

The slicer is Cura from Lulzbot website.

Thanks Phaminator,
Can you attach your STL and Gcode files and we will give the same print a go.

Please find the attached file.

elevator shaft.STL (345 KB)

have you had a chance to run the file?

Hey Phaminator,
I had missed the notification on this file. I will take a look at it now and see how it goes. Stay posted

Alright, so the print has started successfully and not generated an error message for our Lulzbot Mini. It would probably be best to check in with Lulzbot Support at Let them know what error message you are receiving and they will be able to help you out. Let us know how you get on with this one Phaminator, it will be good to know!