TAZ 6 "thermal runaway" as well as undisclosed errors randomly preventing print completions

Hello - i have recently started experiencing an increasing number of errors mid-print that are preventing prints from completing.

“thermal runaway” is an error that i am seeing frequently while the printer is laying down the first layer of a raft for a print. the print aborts immediately after the error, but often i am able to get the print to work after starting over.

“unidentified” error: quite often, after maybe 12-45 layers into a print, the print will just pause - there is no error message on the TAZ readout, and cura had a line called error:“xxx” (all i can remember is that “xxx” was a string of letters and numbers), and none of the options available in the taz lcd menu or the cura control window can make the print successfully resume. i have noticed with this type of failure a small blob of molten plastic seems to be directly under where the nozzle stopped. Sometimes restarting the print completely (i.e. turning everything off) will work and cause the print goes to completion, but often it doesnt when this type of error starts happening.

I would very much appreciate any help you may be able to offer in terms of diagnosing/fixing these errors and any advice that you may have to help prevent recurrence?

Hi Malcolm,

Quite unusual that you’re seeing that error. The thermal runaway error typically triggers in the event that the heater falls off. It would be best to get in touch with Lulzbot directly via support@lulzbot.com and their 20/7 support team will get you back on track as soon as possible.

Regarding the “unidentified” - sounds like a corrupt STL / gcode is in use. When in doubt and you want a solid half split method to determine if it’s hardware or software - revert back to trusted model such as those on your included SD card. If I were in your situation then I’d start by using a STL repair tool and test the result with a high speed LQ attended print before trying a long HQ unattended print.

Thanks Graham!
I think it was a corrupt .STL file - i used the inspector tool in Meshmixer and everything worked out ok.

I suspect the thermal runaway may have been a result of applying too much adhesive to the heated bed. I backed off on a bit and everything worked ok.


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Hi @Malcolm19852,

Glad to hear! If there is one thing I love about 3D Printing, the machines will do exactly what they are told. To the last instruction, in conjunction with environmental / material factors. If something doesn’t work the first time, then hitting repeat with the same preconditions will just land you with the exact same outcome.

A wonderful blessing in disguise, you can problem solve with certainty!