Ethernet module choice

You have two Ethernet modules:

ENC28J60 Ethernet LAN Network Module
SKU: CE05233

W5200 Ethernet Module(Gadgeteer Compatible)
SKU: TOY0022

one is almost 4 times dearer than the other, why would I choose one over against the other?

I want to be able to set up for both 10M and 100M speed and use SPI interface to Arduino.

What is the expensive one offering me which the cheaper one is not?

Hey Clem,

Having a look at the datasheets for the ENC28J60 and W5200 it seems to me that the ENC only allows transfer up to 10Mb/s and the W5200 can also talk at 100Mb/s (It’s a little confusing in the ENC datasheet as it says is supports 10/100/1000 but I think this means it can exsist on those networks not talk at those speeds. )