Friends Raspberry PI 3B+ Not Working

My Friend has a Raspberry PI 3B+ and he said that it would boot up, and go to the loading screen then just freeze and do nothing, Any help would be appreciated

Hi @Sebastian,

Sorry to hear that’s happening.

Just a few questions so we have some more information to work off of:

  • How much RAM does this Pi have
  • What OS are you trying to boot into
  • Have you tried a newly flashed OS image
  • Does the SOC warm up when It freezes
  • Does caps lock still work on the keyboard

If you can let us know those things that will hopefully give us some more information to be able to find out where the problem lies.

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First would be to redo the Micro SD card. Use a new card, keep the existing one because it might have some software you will need to transfer, depending on the application.
The Raspberry Pi Imager is the best way to do this (link below) and load the legacy OS version due to the board being a Pi 3B+ (pretty old now).

If the Pi runs up ok on the new card then the hardware is ok, and the problem is in the existing SD card. Getting the software transferred and installed correctly on a new card might be tricky. I am just guessing as to how the Pi 3B+ is used and what it may have on it, more information would be helpful. The potential for the SD card to become corrupt is why I recommend creating a backup SD card, after everything is running ok, to use in a situation just like this.



A new image of the SD card or even the output of the Pi without an SD card are always great places to start troubleshooting. Instantly helps differentiate between a hardware or software issue.


Thanks For all the Help guys!!!
I haven’t left I’m just waiting on info from my friend to reply to the questions you have asked.

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