Glow Bit and Components Help - Battery Level Indicator Electric Skateboard

Hello Team,

I build electric mountain boards and I want to do a bit of a side project using the Glow Bit stick 1X8.

My builds output 50.4 Vols (12S) and I want to have the glow bit act like a battery level indicator. So 50.4V is a full charge and 39V is flat.

I obviously would need a GlowBbit, but I want to know what step-down converter I should be using and what component I can use to code in the Glow Bit display parameters. Is there anything else I would need?

There’s sooo many items in the core store I got lost so I figure I’d just ask the experts.


Hi Michael,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: sorry we missed your post earlier.

There are a few parts that will be needed to make this work but you’ve got a lot of flexibility in your options.
You will need a microcontroller, a voltage divider circuit to measure the battery voltage, and a power supply for the microcontroller and GlowBit.

The microcontroller to drive the GlowBit can be pretty well any microcontroller, those LEDs are so common there is a library in just about every language to run them on any hardware.

I’d recommend the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller because it’s super cheap and we already have a GlowBit python library for it.

Sparkfun has an excellent guide covering how voltage divider circuits work. You will need a voltage divider that scales your expected battery voltage level down to the analog input level your chosen microcontroller can handle. (0 to 3V for the Pico)

Your power supply should have a 5V output, GlowBits can run on lower voltages but that just means they will need more current to compensate, so cheaper to go for a 5V regulator to supply the Glowbit and microcontroller.