goBILDA Playground


Do you know if goBILDA has a virtual playground? I am trying to create a list of parts I need for a project. Short of cutting everything from cardboard and trying to put them together, I have no idea which parts, bolted together, will accomplish what I have in mind.


Heyya mate.

Theres lots of STL files of GoBILDA products online so your virtual playground could be Fusion 360 and just focus on importing your desired GoBILDA products to an assembly. Also underneath any GoBILDA product on our website will have a STEP file that works in a very similar way to STL files (see this in the image below). Then you can test fit and play around in CAD for days :blush: + once you’ve created your project you’ll be able to check all the tolerances and sizing. And Fusion 360 will let you do beautiful renders too.

Also here is a repository of a number of created STL/STEP CAD models that you can import to Fusion 360 - GoBilda CAD Files – Modern Robotics Inc

Hopefully this helps,