HDMI cable end repair

Hi, I have a HDMI cable that runs through the walls of my Motorhome. The end has snapped off and needs replacing. Not sure what I need, as there is quite a few strands of wire. I’ve asked everyone I can think of on the Gold Coast with no luck.

Hi Michael
Surely a new cable would be the most cost effective solution. Getting the connector on its own would probably be a challenge.
Cheers Bob

No possible with the number of wall panels the 10m lead runs through. We spent four hours trying to replace it, bad design :hot_face:

Hi Michael
If you pulled it out without pulling a draw wire or new cable in as it came out that is bad practice. It was probably originally installed before the skin went on.You will probably have to re-route it somehow, underneath maybe ??
What happened to break the end off ?? I think this sort of thing is put in with the expectation it will be there forever. After all, how many times does your HDMI cable fail in your house. They do seem to last a very long time. That is unless it is removed and replaced carelessly lots of times but the connectors are not meant to do that excessively.
Cheers Bob

EDIT: I was assuming above that you had already removed this cable. If not Trents method of pulling a new one in as you remove the damaged one is a sound method. Tape it up smoothy to minimum size as you may have trouble with any holes.
Further tip: If you do this pull a draw wire or cord in with it. You can always remove it later and it could be handy before you finish. Do this slowly though and feed it in without twists. If you are successful and remove any draw wire do this slowly also as too much enthusiasm could cut or damage your new cable. If in doubt leave it there, it does no harm.

Hi Michael,

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Replacing the cable through the walls will be a pain but unfortunately there is no universal standard for what colours the wires of an HDMI cable are.
You could try and buzz out each pin one by one with a continuity tester and reterminate the cable end but I’d definitely consider using the existing cable as a pull through line to drag a replacement through the wall.

Yes, obviously the first thing I would do is pull it through if possible, it’s not. The reason the end is broken is the tv must be taken down every time you move, so after hundreds of removal it has finally broken. Can’t re route as wall a hard core filled and don’t want to run it along the floor. So what your saying is you can’t replace the end?

Hi Michael
There is not a lot that CAN’T be done. It is just pretty difficult. I can’t honestly remember ever having seen a stand alone HDMI connector for cable termination. That does not mean they don’t exist.

That is what you would have to do in the absence of any standard colour scheme. You would also have to find out exactly which pins connect directly and if there are any cross overs. You may need some professional help here as your expertise (such as with a soldering iron) is unknown to the Forum and would be pretty difficult to fix remotely.

That is a pain. The HDMI is pretty robust but still probably designed for that treatment. Hard to say what would be a suitable replacement although a better design would have been a HDMI outlet in the wall for the fixed wiring and a short cable for the removable bit that is easily replaced. You might think of that. Terminate the fixed cable in a wall outlet and connect a short cable to the TV. The termination might be easier to do also. Could be Krone type insulation displacement, I just don’t know as I have never had to do anything like this. If you go down this path leave some spare cable in the wall for future use.
Good luck.
Cheers Bob


Hi Michael
That would certainly solve any soldering problems.you just have to get the connections right. Establish whether all the connections are pin to pin or if there are any cross-overs. I have had no reason to do so but if you buzzed out another good HDMI cable this should tell you.
Cheers Bob