HELP: 2 stepper motors and 2 sensors on an Arduino UNO MEGA

Hello all,
I am trying to get two stepper motors to work, and two sensors to give some readings.
Below are the hardware I plan on using.

Motor driver: TB6600


Termocouple sensor and module:

Just wondering if the parts are compatible with each other. Also, would this work with just an Arduino R3? And what power supply should I be after?


Hi Doug,

The TB6600 is a great little stepper driver. The key specifications to check when matching a driver to a stepper is the current rating.

The TB6600 is rated to 4.0A, while your selected motor is 2.8A.

As your selected stepper voltage is below the operating voltage of the TB6600, this combination won’t work. I was unable to find a stepper driver on our site that can do that low a voltage AND that high of a current.

If you were to use a different Stepper I’m sure we’d have something available. If you need that specific motor, you’ll have to a bit of shopping around.

That thermocouple sensor module looks like it will work just fine with an Uno or a Mega2560.

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Hey Oliver,

Thanks for the heads up. with the DRV8834 I’m unfamiliar with some of its pinouts. What is a microcontroller and logic power supply?

Also I picked TB6600 based on this video:
What do I need to do to the TB6600 to achieve the same results there or is it not worth?


Hey Doug,

NEMA 23 (like NEMA 17) is a mechanical standard, it doesn’t make any electrical specifications.

That said, I think the Core Electronics Oliver has his wires crossed on this one! The voltage rating on steppers is only relevant while the stepper is stationary. Once the stepper is moving it generates a Back EMF which reduces the effective voltage and current.

There’s a really good guide on the Arduino forums here:

So you should be able to drive that motor with a TB6600. The key thing with steppers is the rated current. The TB6600 will handle the current control to stop the high voltage supply burning out the motor.

A microcontroller is kind of like a very simple computer. The most well known example in the maker world is the ATMega328P used on the Arduino Uno. The logic power supply is the logic level power supply - ie. 3.3v or 5v depending on what you’re using (as opposed to the power supply for the stepper which might be up at 40V).

Hi Doug and Oliver,

Oliver is absolutely right, that Stepper and motor driver combo will work fine. Sorry! Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that up on Friday afternoon - long day!

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